Every year I choose a word for the year.  Something to keep me focused on what is most important in my life and to achieving my goals. I know it can sound cheesy but it works for me.

The word for 2022?   GRIND

Now I have never been afraid to work hard or get my hands dirty.  I am way more of a draft horse than a unicorn.  Give me a task that relies solely on my effort, and I will guarantee it gets done. Remember, I’m the guy who put himself in a coma simply by refusing not to stop & give up.

So why would I choose a word that describes me vs. one that challenges me?

Because it is an acronym – not a word.  I guess I cheated a bit this year in that regard.


  • GRACIOUS – No one is successful completely on their own.  Family, mentors, business partners, spiritual leaders and sheer providence all play a role in every success story.  I want to live a life of gratitude that is constantly aware of my blessings and expressing gratitude for them daily.
  • RELENTLESS– When I set out to accomplish a goal, or commit to others of completing a task, it will get done.  In everything I choose to take on, I will give it everything I have to give and will not stop putting the effort in until the goal is achieved, or it becomes no longer possible to achieve it.
  • INNOVATIVE – I look for new ways to be more effective in everything I do.  I can always be better and to be better I have to evaluate what works and what can be improved.  I am also open to the new things I am not doing today as well as stopping the things I currently do that are no longer serving me.  Innovation drives the progress that leads to success.
  • NERDY – I actively look for new knowledge, new sources of information, new learnings.  A dormant mind is a dying mind.  An active mind is a growing mind.  Be the Sword of Gryffindor – take in what makes me stronger (and if a Harry Potter reference is not nerdy, I am not sure what is).
  • DISCIPLINED –I honor the goals I set and the people I serve by doing what needs to be done. I put in the effort and dedicate the time and resources to achieve the task. I live an ‘others first’ life that places value on serving those I choose to surround myself with.  By serving others with confident humility, I am confident that I too will be served.

So in 2022 I will focus on Grinding daily.  Starting each day acknowledging how I have been blessed.  Focusing on the goals that serve me and my family and pushing hard towards them.  Taking the time to reflect on how I can do better, be better, serve better.  Intentionally taking time to be an active learner and consciously serving others whenever possible.

Time to start Grinding.

Make it a great year.

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